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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Live Chat With Jessica Rose and Brett Register (The Crew) Monday October 12 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST

In honor of Jessica Rose joining the cast of The Crew for season 2 and in celebration of LG15Today's awesome achievement of hitting over 1,000,000 views, I thought I'd put together a fun live chat for the community. With the awesome help of Modelmotion and Renegade, we've made that idea a reality!

We hope you'll all join us on Monday October 12th in IRC chat channel #jessicarosechat at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST where we'll be joined by Jess as well as creator/director of The Crew, Brett Register.

They'll be taking questions but please, no spoilers! Feel free to comment your questions in this thread, just so we start getting ideas on what you guys want to hear about. We'll also take questions in the chat. And if anyone is interested in moderating, let us know that as well either here or on IRC.  We hope to see you all Monday!

Important links:
Direct link to the chat: http://bit.ly/jessicarosechat
The Crew show page: http://www.babelgum.com/Thecrew (Don't forget to check out the premiere episode of season 2, also on Monday!)
The Crew Twitter: http://twitter.com/thecrewtv

If you think of any more questions about @TheCrewTV ask @BrettRegister on Twitter


  1. Awe..... wait for it.... some!

  2. Nice, shame it doesn't occur until 1am UK time. :/

  3. WOW. Okay how did you get Tom Konkle as a guest star??? How was he to work with?

  4. Just saw it! Love the cast. Will the producer character be back? Verrrry funny. Great show all!

    - The Crew Fan UK

  5. Ooh, good question Terry. Will definitely be sure to talk about Tom at the chat, he was fantastic!

    Hope to see you all tonight!

    And yeah, sorry to the UK fans that it will be so late/early for you guys...we were working around lots of schedules and timezones and tried to find a time that could would for as many peeps as we could!

  6. Jessica, without going into spoilers can you tell us anything about your character on the show. Do you identify with her (meaning is she like you). Are there any aspect to the character that you are especially looking forward to playing. And, are there any aspect of the character that you think are going to be a challenge (stretch) for you.

  7. Here are my questions:

    1) Jess, How did you get involved with the Show?

    2) Were there any abandoned storylines from season one? If so, what were they and why were they scrapped?

    3) How much or the series is script based? Do the actors ever ad-lib? If so, what is an example of this?

  8. Great great great questions! Keep 'em coming!

  9. Jessica - I know Brett is the writer/creator, how was Brett as a director?

    And, what was the most challenging aspect of working on The Crew set?

  10. Have either of you guys seen the Mason pilot and agree that it should win the contest?

  11. Will Jessica be wearing scantly clad clothing? Assuming it is critical to the plot of course.

  12. What camera are you shooting with and how well does it hold the chromakey? How does shooting on a chromakey affect your acting. And finally what software do you use to build the backgrounds for the key.

  13. Are you going to have an EQAL umbrella site?

  14. Would Jess ever consider doing a cameo for a TSIY2 pilot?

  15. Is the show totally exclusive to Babelgum now or will it eventually be distributed on other platforms. If so which ones.

  16. If you think of any more questions about @TheCrewTV ask @BrettRegister on twitter

  17. Just noticed who tweeted this:




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