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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sara Fletcher- Your "Secret Girlfriend" on Comedy Central tonight!

Show Time: Secret Girlfriend: Oct. 7th 10:30PM on Comedy Central (Right after the Fall Premier of South Park)

Secret GirlfriendStarts Tonight 10:30pm / 9:30c
Pitching a Tent
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Pitching a Tent Promo:

Secret GirlfriendStarts Tonight 10:30pm / 9:30c
Red Band Trailer
Joke of the DayStand-Up ComedyFree Online Games

Red Band Trailer Promo:

::::: SPOILER ALERT :::::

Official Press Release from Comedy Central:

Series Stars Michael Blaiklock, Sara E.R. Fletcher, Alexis Krause And Derek Miller

Users Can Visit comedycentral.com To Get Exclusive Deleted And Extended Scenes,Play The "Secret Girlfriend" Game, Use The "Bro" Dictionary And More

NEW YORK, September 14, 2009 -- It's an up-close and very sexy look into the wild life of a single guy and his hard-partying friends as they balance life's greatest necessities: getting laid, getting drunk and getting famous on the Internet. COMEDY CENTRAL's new weekly series from FremantleMedia North America, "Secret Girlfriend," premieres the first of six episodes beginning on Wednesday, October 7 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Based on Atomicwedgietv.com's ground-breaking comedy series, "Secret Girlfriend" breaks the fourth wall with a first person format that makes the viewer the central character in the irreverent life of a 20-something single guy, his two best friends and roommates, "Phil" (Derek Miller) and "Sam" (Michael Blaiklock), and the two women in his life he's trying to keep secret from each other – psycho ex-girlfriend, "Mandy," (Alexis Krause), and new girlfriend, "Jessica," (Sara E.R. Fletcher). Each episode of "Secret Girlfriend" contains two back-to-back 11-minute scripted mini-sodes.

In the premiere episode, Sam and Phil are determined to get their buddy laid so he can move on from Mandy, his psycho ex-girlfriend. His luck turns around when he meets a cute girl named Jessica while out on a late-night beer run. Things progress nicely with Jessica, until Mandy breaks into his apartment wearing nothing but a guitar and a smile, ready to "make-up." Meanwhile, Sam and Phil cast and produce their next big Internet hits, "Forkhead" and "Taserface" and discover the best thing about their favorite strip club – the delicious buffet.

Jay Rondot and Ross Novie, who created the original Webisodes and television pilot, serve as executive producers along with Ben Wexler. Maureen FitzPatrick oversaw development and production for FremantleMedia North America and Scott Landsman and Monika Zielinska are the executives in charge for COMEDY CENTRAL.

Launching this month, the "Secret Girlfriend" Web site will feature deleted and extended scenes from the series, an online dictionary defining the shows various "brocabulary," as well as a profile for Sam and Phil on COMEDY CENTRAL's sister site Atom.com. Additionally, fans of the series can play the "Secret Girlfriend" game, When Booty Calls, allowing them to set off on a wild adventure in search of fun and getting laid. The Facebook Personality Quiz "Who is Your Secret Girlfriend?" also enables fans to find out which celebrity babe is secretly their perfect match, then share the results with their friends.

Originally incubated on a mobile video platform before it became the highest-rated series on Atomicwedgietv.com – where it typically garners one-third of the Top 10 most-viewed clips monthly – "Secret Girlfriend" was nominated for a 2007 MIPCOM Mobile Award for Best Mobile Series and has received more than three million views on MySpace and YouTube since its debut.

Sara Fletcher in Maxim

How You Know Her: Though her credits have so far been limited to minor roles on Jimmy Kimmel Live and USA's Monk, this bubbly blonde will soon be breaking into the mainstream in a big way.

For the full article and to see more photos on Maxim: http://www.maxim.com/girls/todays-girl/84478/sara-fletcher.html#8


  1. omg, its hilarious how much this is directed to a young male audience.

    hot chicks and ugly dudes going after them. its a genre unto itself.

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