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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Anti-Fred Water - OffensiveRealities

Are your kids out of control? Do you find it difficult to concentrate because of your ADHD? Then I have a new product for you!!! ANTI-FRED WATER!!!!

Anti-Fred water is 50% lake water and 50% of the strongest ADHD medications known to man!

If you don't trust me, then listen to a few of our satisfied customers!


  1. A well-written post. Agree with you. You can learn more on how to cure attention deficit disorder at www.attention-deficit-disorder.net. It may take quite some time to cure, but it's definitely a good try.

  2. Greg, my son suffers from ADHD and it is something we are trying to help. Its hard, but we will do it!

    this is just a lighthearted look at ADHD and a stab at FRED! (yes that was ME at the beginning of the video)


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