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Monday, November 9, 2009

Good News | Bad News

Principal Photography will commence in late December/early January, and we'll be filming around Missouri and a few other places.



  1. This should either be filming now or already be in the can.

    Austin should have this thing wrapped up now and then shoot some interactive vids in late December/early January.

  2. I agree with Apo.
    If the series is to start on January 11th they would have definately needed to finished the filming by then not just starting principal photography.
    This has failure marked all over it.

  3. i think that's a bit unrealistic, guys. there's no question i'll go apeshit and stir up drama if his videos are delayed, but for most of its early history lg15 was shooting only days ahead of release, and it gave an immediacy to the videos that was later lost.

    but if you're right, you can take dibs on "i told you so" now.

  4. He was announced as the winner like TWELVE days ago. If you think he should have been finished by now your insane.

  5. DownUnder you can call me insane if you like, but look at the numbers:

    You say Austin has had 12 days so far. Fair enough.

    He has to submit two videos a week of around 3 minute duration each over an eight week period.

    That's about 48 minutes worth of video. He's had plenty of time to shoot that, or at the very least plan a production day in which to shoot it.

    If he fails to plan, he has already planned to fail.

  6. We were shooting episodes of LG and then releasing them that day. And we were doing FIVE videos a week plus interactivity. Most of Austin's original Greg Mason videos were done the same way (he had to in order to make them mesh with the storyline, which he didn't have access to ahead of time). He is a full-time filmmaker with a production company behind him.

    I usually whole-heartedly agree with everything that comes out of Apo's mouth but in this instance, I have to politely disagree with him.

  7. Jenni's a total pro and I am a total amateur.

    I'm certainly willing to reconsider my opinion of the matter, especially since she is essentially putting her own reputation on the line here.

    I also understand that Austin has some other projects that are important as well, and I suppose if I were in his shoes I would prioritize accordingly.

    That was why my initial post suggested room for him to shoot his interactive stuff later, but to get the bulk of his story shot now.

    Hey, I've been wrong before a bunch of times, and I'll be wrong again. There are a large number of variables of which we are unaware; sets, actors, props, etc.

    I still don't really think I'm wrong now, but I defer to Jenni's years of experience.

  8. "since she is essentially putting her own reputation on the line here."

    No pressure or anything...

    Sheesh. Just let Austin make his show without the threat of jeopardizing my "career", thank you. Heehee.

  9. "Sheesh. Just let Austin make his show without the threat of jeopardizing my "career", thank you."

    Certainly Jenni, if you are now withdrawing your professional opinion of Austin and his work. I'm more than happy to once again defer my opinion.

    Like I said before, I'm an amateur and also quite fallible. You have years of experience and are an industry professional. If you wish your opinion to be read otherwise, I suggest you utilize the anonymous commenting feature here.

  10. A lot depends on the nature of the project and the experience of the producer. With a novice producer a good idea is to figure out how long you think it will take and then multiply by four to calculate how long it will actually take.

    Now if you look at movies (at the other extreme), those are fully mapped out and documented in intricate detail before anything begins to shoot. In that case they are pretty good at knowing how long things will take because they have decades of experience.

    Then you have to factor in the editing time. There again it totally depends on the needs of the project. The danger here is that you run into technical problem or something that needs to be re-shot because it simply does not deliver when edited.

    Austin has enough experience in production so one would assume that he has a plan and well lay out many of the details in pre-production which should give him a fairly good idea of how long it will take to shoot and edit.

  11. There are a lot of LG15ers partaking in Nano...yay for NanoWriMo participants!

  12. Sorry Apo, I just felt it was a large amount of pressure being heaped on my shoulders when I was just expressing my expertise having worked on a similar show and what I have seen of Austin's past work and what I know of him as a person who I have had conversations with for almost a year now. I wasn't trying to throw my entire reputation behind a project I am not personally involved in. I just wanted to clear that up. If that was not what you were inferring or if you were speaking in a joking manner that I was not construing correctly, I apologize.

  13. Jenni you know I love ya. I apologize if you took any offense or felt pressured; I suppose my comments do sometimes have that effect on people.

    But it has already been pointed out that Austin is also a professional. Perhaps I am being too critical in judging him as one.

    Maybe if I step back and just look at him as a fan of LG15 instead, I can cut him a little more slack. I dunno.

  14. NanoWriMo seems to be going well VV. Are the "top stories" going to be made available online or will we have to wait until they get published in book format.

  15. I knew the flashy editing of the teaser wouldn't make it to the actual show.


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