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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Guild Episode 9: Wit's End

The Guild crumbles under the Axis of Anarchy's attacks.


  1. How many times can Zaboo save this season? Once again we see that he rules the physical realm!

  2. Save this season?
    That was a bit of a downer.

    I think that this season has been awesome!

  3. Here's all of my problems with this season, (which has been a dud IMO)

    1. The Guild breakup has been dragged out and pointless. Why mess with a winning dynamic like this?

    2. Tink's departure has been handled badly and nothing has replaced her.

    3. Codex becoming leader has not improved the remaining dynamic in the Guild and it has actually made things worse.

    4. The conflicts within The Guild have been predictable and boring.

    The rivalry has been the best thing for the Guild this season but tearing the team apart has ruined what could have been a great war season.

  4. Once again, Venus Spa is a bad sport about other web series. Seriously, you want us to list all the ways your series sucks? Because I don't think it would be that hard.

  5. Wow, personal smack, I'm hurt...

  6. IMO this was the best Guild video yet. I loved it!

  7. Mike Rose is a comedic genius. His delivery is just brilliant.

  8. Once again some nameless jackass wants his words to hold water.
    Venus Spa (no matter how wrong :P) is free to create a web series and have an opinion all at the same time. Humans are multi-talented like that y'know.
    Personally, I love the Guild. No matter what season, when a video goes live, I watch it and a few minutes later I'm smiling.
    I don't see much point in dissecting the negative. If you look hard enough you'll find a flaw in pretty much everything...except me. I'm perfect. At least that's what my mom says.


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