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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Web.Files #18 - Odd Jobs

Emanating from the beautiful McCalla janitorial supply store in Van Nuys, California, episode 18 of The Web.Files features an interview with Jeremy Redleaf, creator of the web series Odd Jobs and its companion website, Odd Job Nation. Redleaf created Odd Job Nation, which lists various odd jobs available across the country, as a companion for the series; however, it quickly gained more media attention than the series. Jobs on the site range from art models (18+, some nudity) to ride-sharing and house cleaning. Also, Redleaf recently won the 15 Gigs of Fame Award at the 2009 NYTV Fest, making him one of the people to watch in the web series world.

Odd Jobs centers on Nate, a recently unemployed investment banker, who unable to find gainful employment or pay for his upcoming wedding, begins to tag along with his roommate, Joe, who supports himself doing various wacky odd jobs found on Craigslist. Nate must also keep his financial situation secret from his girlfriend, who is out-of-his-league even with a high paying job. Odd Jobs is aimed at a more adult audience and therefore, may not be suitable for all audiences or viewing situations. Viewer discretion is advised.


  1. I just watched the first episode, it was funny. I just wish they had shown more of the Different Strokes musical, that was the best part.

  2. i also watched the first ep, just now. there are 3 eps total on youtube now.

    its was amusing. the big guy is like a foul reincarnation of john candy.

    the pacing is also not too slow, which is the curse of tons of webshows.


  3. great idea for a web show!


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