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Friday, December 18, 2009

2010: The Year of the Web Series

The Web Series Phenomenon is Catching on - Look for Bigger and Better Content in 2010



  1. Will Eqal, Inc. jump into the mix?

  2. this site sucks at everything in the worst ways.

  3. hey anonymous - your momma wears combat boots. i'm not as nice as modelmotion.

    is this more about the 8 posts about the meep up not being sufficient or something?

  4. no. just needless sarcasm and bad form in general.

  5. Where is the sarcasm? The article is about this being a good time to create web series. Would it not follow that this would be a good time for TR to return?

    As for enjoying the site. Clearly you do, or you would not visit so often. Right?

  6. I think the comment was that the original anon comment was him or her, we don't know the gender of this particular anon, being sarcastic.

  7. The original anon was male. There are no actual women on the internet.

  8. There was one woman on the internet on April 3rd 2006; 4/3/06. Then she just disappeared.


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