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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Party In The Breeniverse - milowent

LG15 meep reunion 12/14/2009 - Party In The Breeniverse

I hopped on the net - 3 years ago
to check out lonelygirl15
welcome to the land of crazy fun----meep!
i melted right in

started commenting and spending all of my time
always crazy so many friends of mine
no longer a slacker
became a lonelycracker

my tummi's turning cuz i need a new video
refreshin til my F5 breaks
but when its says new video processing
and a new video comes up (x3)

Type my life away
This is my place
My friends they are all here
laughing all night, oh yeah
meeping all day, oh yeah
my lonelycrackers are all here
and my sides are about the burst
meep - a party in the breeniverse
yeah - a party in the breeniverse

over time we drifted away
its a natural thing you know
its not a trick or the 436
the internets just go on

but its so hard with my friend not around me
we need another breenivese party
i miss talking 'bout plantcakes
and seeing jonas as my beefcake

my tummy's turning cuz i feeling kinda lonely
I need an orange slurpee
So let's meet up, let's all meep-up
like a new video coming up(x3)

Vocals: Betz28
2nd vocals: Milowent

Video: Credits to come, from many many fine community videos, including
chippercat13, zoey, terryfic, elixir, qthec, modelmotion, lordgreystoke422, kelseygirl15, voyboy, goodgollyitsholly, valleygirl15, lgpedia, etc. etc.


  1. YOU ARE INVITED !! YES.............YOU!!

    December 14:

    "World Wide Meep Party" - 6pm EST, USA

    "Party in the Breeniverse" - 8pm EST, USA



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