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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope For Haiti Now

Contribute NOW: http://www.hopeforhaitinow.org

iTunes <== Pre-Order

Live on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/youtube

Twitter: http://tweettracker.mtv.com/app/online.html

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_for_Haiti_Now:_A_Global_Benefit_for_Earthquake_Relief


  1. A wonderful example of how the World can join as one thanks to the World Wide Web.

  2. While I am very supportive of the efforts to raise relief funds for the Hope for Haiti project, I am highly annoyed by the audio broadcast that boots up as soon as I visit LG15today. Especially since there is no obvious button for turning it off. Please either remove the audio autoplay, give me an obvious button for turning it off, or I'm done visiting this site.

  3. All there is on this post is a screen capture graphic from iTunes and some links so it it unlikely the audio is coming from this post.

    Will have to look into other posts.

  4. It was coming from the MTV post. Just removed their embed so it should be gone now.


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