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Sunday, March 28, 2010

LG15 Spinoff Creator is Not Sorry He Jumped

Creator Austin McConnell decided to step in a new direction when EQAL handed him (partially) the reigns of the franchise, and gave him more creative control than he deserved (his words).

Read the full review: http://visioweb.tv/?p=2964

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I knew I was going to get negative feedback the moment we started filming. We had written the storyline to break away from the usual formula that the original show had set forth.



  1. Could the visioweb article possibly be more one-sided and ass-kissing?

    I mean, it didn't even pretend to dismiss the criticism against the show...it just didn't even acknowledge it, and dismisses anyone who disagrees as "haters" and "trolls".

    The only part that even slightly brings up criticism -that Outbreak didn't focus on Crystal- is qualified with weasel words and said issue wasn't even actually part of the criticism brought forth by the community in the recent thread - the one Austin quite obviously was referring to; it is, instead, criticism Austin implied to have existed in his blog.

    There are six paragraphs of quotes from Austin, and not a single line quoted from the 115+ posts review/criticism thread.

    This whole thing reads like an Outbreak press release combined with an attempt to get so far up Austin's ass that the author could tickle his tonsils.

    Doesn't surprise me the article doesn't have an obvious byline. Browsing around the site reveals it was written by some "Alec". Well, whoever Alec is, he's most certainly not the unbiased, journalistic kind of blogger. (Or even a very diligent one.)

  2. Ren, I'm smelling some damage control considering the fact that the show wasn't well received.

  3. The author is Alec Corday, who apparently makes up the entirety of visioweb.
    He was in Twitter contact with Austin after the post.

    Selected quote:
    "@austinmcconnell My pleasure. I admire your work. Outbreak isnt perfect, but its the only LG15 I managed to watch all the way to the end." ~Alec Corday

    ...in other words, an Austin-fan who can't stand LG15 liked an Austin-show who wasn't like LG15.
    Big surprise there.

  4. Yeah...FUCK HIM for liking Austin's work and having an opinion!

    Oh, wait - which way does hypocrisy turn?

  5. I've watched LG15 from almost the very beginning (after the story broke that it was all fake). Seeing all these complaints is confusing. When Bree left the comfort of her bedroom there has been plot holes, stories that go nowhere and everything else you complain about in Outbreak. You sound like those stereo typical idiots at Star Trek conventions complaining that one episode conflicts with something that happened in an earlier episode.

    You've made it very clear you didn't like it. Move on.

  6. For those who aren't keeping track renegade didn't like Outbreak and anyone who says anything in the slightest bit supportive must be attacked.

    Alec's basic assessment of the series is thus, "The show stands as it is, and compared to the trite the internets is cranking out these days Outbreak is far into the good side. Good or bad, lousy or exiting — Austin did his best and the show has its charm and deserves a viewing." Wow, truly an ass-kissing ringing endorsement. He should be flogged for expressing such a clearly biased and unsupportable opinion.

  7. I would just like to say... Alec needs to learn how to spell OWE instead of OW (unless he fixed those spelling errors from the time I read the article till now).

  8. Dear Austin (assuming you're bothering to read these):

    No, the majority of "haters" don't hate Outbreak because you dared to do something different. In fact, I haven't seen one person berating you on the fact that you changed up the show dynamic. The majority of the complaints are coming from people who don't like how you executed the show. PERIOD.

    Hell, if it had been run properly and had a point, Ren and I and bunch of others would probably be extolling the fact that you dared to do something different. The issue here is the execution, and I really don't like being painted as a hater for the sake of publicity.

  9. But we are haters Shiori don't you see. We are haters because we expressed our opinion, a different opinion, one that isn't hailing outbreak as the best TSIY winner ever.
    Outbreak is such a great series because of it's exciting and gripping plot, great characters that viewers can really get along with and care for, special effects - because we know special effects just add to the quality and aren't added just to make a video pretty.

  10. Dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. The misfits was the best TSIY winner eva.

    You people are just racist against snarky white guys.

  12. @anon @mathieas:
    So how difficult were those straw men to beat?

    But math, really...more effort, please?
    Taking a single line in the middle out of context, after I already pointed out he didn't actually address any criticism, yet alone mention it, and, out of 15 paragraphs, 6 are quotes from Austin's article, while the other 9 basically repeat Austin's opinions and agree with them, is not going to get far.

    Put the line back into context, read over the entirety of "Austin did this, Austin said that, I fully agree with Austin here, read this quote from Austin", and it gets a different look.

    But hey...looking at how you purposely misrepresent my own stance and behavior, I guess we're lucky you just went with "ignoring the entire rest of the article", and not outright lies.

    @anon: The difference is in concentration. Season 1 of LG15 had 256 videos, and it actually had entertaining, engaging plots in between. Outbreak had 42 videos and not much of a story of anything ("oh noes, Crystal is gone! oh wait, she's back, never mind."), and the plot holes and pointlessness become much more apparent.

  13. @Renegade

    Once again you launch personal attacks at someone who doesn't agree with you. Have I mentioned you are an ass, today?

    I did not take anything out of context. Do you even know what that word means? Obviously, you don't since you do it all the time. As I stated that was the article author's major assertion, which it was. It was not out of context it was entirely in context. He essentially took Austin's previous post and added his comments and opinion, his opinion, Outbreak wasn't perfect but was better than most of the crap out there. That's it... For that you attacked him for 'ass kissing'.

    I didn't ignore the article, as I said that was his major assertion.

    Don't ever attack my character again or accuse me of misrepresenting something, you pompous little ass.

    Why don't you think before you write.

  14. For those who have not read the article in question, here is the substantive portion of the article, the rest is comprised mostly of quotes from Austin's original post.

    Did he really fail? Does he ow the LG15 community an apology? Is Outbreak really the worst show on the internets?

    First of, no, he did not fail. Outbreak broke the convention only ever so slightly, yet still remained true to the LG15 mythos. EQAL — much like The Order — made sure he didn’t step out of line too much. And he didn’t. Sure, the aim was not as hot-chick-focused as previous incarnations, and that may be one reason why complaints came in. Many wanted to see more of the scrumptious Dani Martin, preferably Bree-style, but that was exactly the convention Austin broke. Why focus only on the hot chick? Let’s see some guys for a change.

    He certainly doesn’t ow[e] anyone an apology. The show stands as it is, and compared to the trite the internets is cranking out these days Outbreak is far into the good side. Good or bad, lousy or exiting — Austin did his best and the show has its charm and deserves a viewing. Haters and trolls are an inevitable part of the internet, as they inhabit the dark corners and levels of cyberspace, and should be judiciously ignored by everyone in favor of constructive criticism. Austin will be the first to admit that the show is not perfect and it was a lesson in younameit for him.

    Once again Renegade writes volumes of text, launches personal attacks against people and assumes people because they have lives won't respond to his baseless attacks.

    Once again, he of the long winded diatribe's attack on this article was that it was an 'ass-kissing' review. As anyone who can read can see, not only is this hardly a review, it is not an ass-kissing one. Of course failing that argument oh Renegade has to rewrite his basis of attack.

  15. Looks like renegage got what he wanted, he managed to piss someone off. I agree with mathieas but people would be better off ignoring him. I don't want to get attacked so I'm staying anonymous.

  16. I am not sure lonelygirl15 has ever been totally focussed on the "hot chick" at least not in terms of community support. Perhaps that was part of the original viral explosion but just take a look at the fan outrage when they tried to fire Yousef in 2006. That certainly was not about the "hot chick".

    I always found it interesting in early lonelygirl15 that the community would always ask for more action. However when I did polls about each of the videos what was very very very clear was that videos that moved a relationship forward in some respect were received much better by the community than pure action videos.

    Actor after actor in the LG15 franchise has gone on to cultivate a pretty good fan base and that has been equally true of both male and female actors. In fact having a cast that knows how to effectively interact with the audience both on and off screen can be one of the key charms of a show like this and, if cast well has always been a welcome addition to the show including TSIY.

  17. @math: Oh, I'm sorry for pointing out that you falsely summed up my stance and past actions as "anyone who says anything in the slightest bit supportive must be attacked", not even bothering to fabricate evidence to support that lie.

    Then again, looking at the thread about EQAL's buy-out of Spark, where you got all snippy when Thad actually dared asking for independent confirmation of your claims, you seem to have a general aversion to people questioning your divine words.

    If you can't take the fact that people call you out on your bullshit, be honest in the first place. It's not my fault that you didn't manage to come up with anything better than lying about my position.

    So please...spare me the butt hurt cries about me "attacking your character". You can't attack something that doesn't exist.
    (That was a personal attack. Quick, mark it so you can use it later...if you ever learn to actually back up your claims.)

    Then again, looking at your next post, where you continue your cheap attempts on personal attacks, trying to insinuate that, just because I write many things, these many things are automatically false, that my posts are just personal attacks, completely ignoring the very elaboration that makes my posts so long in the first place, and, once more, lie about my assumptions, even if you were 100% correct about me - all that'd do is make you a giant hypocrite, 'cause you're doing the exact same things I supposedly do.

    As for me having to "rewrite [my] basis of attack": Maybe you should just stop lying so obviously - I have never once called the visioweb article a "review".
    Was it too hard to find an actual avenue of arguing why I had to revise my position?
    Was it just easier to go with the lie?
    Or did you become so used to lying that it just happens automatically?

    How many unsubstantiated assertions of a product's supposed quality and the correctness of the creator's opinion from someone who "admire[s] [his] work", in an article that is then immediately linked to the creator, does it take for you to recognize ass-kissing for what it is?
    Have you even read the tweets after that?
    "@austinmcconnell FYI: http://visioweb.tv/?p=2964"
    "@austinmcconnell An hour actually. I read it the moment you twittered it. And VisiowebTV is only me. like you, I'm a one-man army."
    "@austinmcconnell My pleasure. I admire your work. Outbreak isnt perfect, but its the only LG15 I managed to watch all the way to the end."
    "@austinmcconnell The moment Mason appeared I knew: THIS is the creator of the show b/c its the role I'd have played had I been the creator."
    "@austinmcconnell Keep in touch, I'll be watching your work. Hoping to see more on Fallen Angels."
    "@austinmcconnell Just sent you an email. Hope its as funny as I thought it was. G'night from the Caribbean."
    ...this dude is basically humping Austin's leg.

    So let's sum up: We have an article that ignores all specific criticism, insists Outbreak was "far into the good side" with no explanation why, supports Austin on all points (again mostly without saying why at all, and using fallacies and unrelated facts to justify the rest), consists to over a third of Austin quotes, and is then immediately sent to Austin after which the writer humps Austin's leg on Twitter.

    You must be blind if you don't see the ass-kissing.

    @Anon: Hilarious. Clearly, Anonymous has any other goal than insulting people on here, Anonymous never tries to incite drama, and Anonymous never attacked anyone.
    How hypocritical can one legion get?

  18. Maybe if we ignore the damn sad fool, he'll go away?

  19. Are you talking about yourself anonymous?

  20. I have a feeling anon is Austin


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