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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When will Eqal fix the LGPedia software problem?

"It's going to be approx 2 weeks. We are working on a big project taking all of our time."

The fix may not take time, but it's a resource allocation issue. Sorry, but it's a balancing act.


  1. Seems very strange that it would take a software company over a month to fix a simple problem that would only take 5 minutes. Yes, I am sure they are all very busy but they created the problem with poor programming so they should take 5 minutes and just fix it. Now we have to wait yet another 2 weeks for something that should have been fixed the first day.

  2. I'm sure they are working on figuring out how they could possibly have a loophole that is allowing users that are "banned" from level26 to continue posting as an "INACTIVE USER"

  3. They don't care. They want you to move on. Talk about beating a dead horse.

  4. Well, LG15 is still Eqal's flagship web site. It does not exactly make sense for their programming team to look this incompetent to the public if they want to promote them self as a software company. We are talking about a simple 5 minute fix here. Tyler or Patrick should be able to do that in their sleep.

  5. waaah, my pussy hurts.

    -LG15 is not EQAL's flagship web site. You live on fantasy island. say hi to tattoo.


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