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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feedback on the "Manifesto for change"

By Logan Rapp

"Unfortunately, what Tubefilter doesn't understand is that a takeover was inevitable. In fact, it's necessary."

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The Elephant in the Room

"At first glance this looks like an admirable idea, but when you look at it closer you can see the agenda."

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By Jenni Powell

I am being distracted from what I could be…nay, I SHOULD be doing, what makes me feel alive and as if I could potentially leave my mark on this planet. I am not doing those things because people I care about are angry, confused and hurt.

Can the Streamy Awards and the IAWTV “Rebuild the Trust”?

Written by Liz Shannon Miller

"In a surprise move yesterday, the Streamy Awards producers — who also head up Tubefilter — attempted to take control of the awards show’s future following this year’s bellyflop of a ceremony by reaching out directly to the web series creator community."

An Open Letter to Tubefilter

by Mike Hudack

The very vibrancy of the community that has been created establishes a conflict.

The Web Video Community

by Tim Street

The Tubfilter guys are good people. They have worked long and hard to help our community



  1. let's kill the streamys, come up with a new org and award show, and get it over with already.

    with kudos to logan for the usage of "irrelephant"

  2. Reading Logan's piece is actually what inspired me to write mine (not nearly as eloquent). He's an excellent writer with a strong voice, I hope he continues to be vocal. It's good for the community.

  3. Hopefully this will all pass soon and the IAWTV will figure out how it can best operate with its members and the community to build a strong, independent and credible web series awards show. However the first step is clearly for the IAWTV to figure out what it is, and what values it is going to embrace in its operation.

    Institutions have a habit of taking on the "personalities" of those who found them. Sometimes that is a good thing, however if change is needed then "corporate culture" is often the most difficult thing to actually change.

    Still it is nice to see thoughtful blogs. That is a good first step in the process of change.

  4. On the flip-side though, there is something to be said about getting the "humanity" of these organizations in perspective. Some of the most vocal opponents in this discussion have never met anyone involved personally and probably only know them from pictures. Most of the discussion has been held in an online forum, with only words to read. The anonynimity (sp?) of the internet makes it easier to attack with no real sense of ownership. You can't hear inflection, you can't detect sarcasm.

    Some people would argue that this gets down to "brass tacks" and leaves only the raw intention behind, but there's something to be said about seeing a person's face and hearing the emotion behind their words. It's why we have the President of the United States have press conferences as well as just issuing statements, is it not?

    But this comes easy from someone like myself, who has never felt the want or desire to speak as anyone other then themselves. I do see the value of the other side, it's just not something I'd personally do. Simply a manner of preference.


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