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Friday, April 30, 2010

Groundbreaking Frontier Web Series Animus Cross Launches Second Series on Wednesday, April 28

Steen House Entertainment has announced that it will launch Series II of Animus Cross, the pioneering web series hailed by critics as “the web series world’s first historical thriller” (Tubefilter News) and by audiences as “action-packed” and “gripping,” on Wednesday April 28. Episode 1 of the new series, “Hell For The Company,” will be posted on www.animuscross.com by 12:00 Pacific Daylight Time on the 28th. New episodes will be posted on the last Wednesday of each month until October 2010.

“This second series has been a long time coming – sort of like birthing a child,” jokes series creator A.L. Steen who recently gave birth to she and series star Jerry Buxbaum’s first child. “We’re really excited to finally release this second chapter in the Animus Cross saga to our audience, though. Ever since the first series, ‘Hell Runs This Way,’ closed in 2009 fans have been clamoring for more – now that post-production is finished, we can finally bring them back to 1860’s Idaho and show them what’s been menacing this small frontier settlement.”

Buxbaum, a professional stunt coordinator as well as an actor, looks forward to introducing the creatures surrounding Animus Cross in this new series. “I've been excited about the Animus Cross story from the beginning because of its potential for great action. We’ve really ‘upped the ante’ in Series II, though – we brought in Guro John Bruce Daniels (a 7th dan Black Belt in Arnis Demano and a certified instructor in Jeet Kune Do) to help stage the action sequences, as well as several local stunt players who recently worked on TNT’s hit show Leverage. I think the audience will be completely blown away by what happens when they meet the creatures for the first time!”

The show’s creatures have been a frequent topic of speculation among fans. “In Series I, we never saw the creatures,” says series star Harold Phillips. “All we ever saw were shadowy figures attacking the main characters as they made their way towards Animus Cross. This time around, we brought Christina Kortum and her company Ravenous Studios in to help design the make up. I’ve heard plenty of theories from people as to what the creatures are… but I don’t think anyone is expecting what Christina and company have put together for us!”

Animus Cross’ first series, entitled “Hell Runs This Way,” is online and available for viewing at
http://www.animuscross.com. The second series, “Hell For The Company,” launches at that address on April 28, 2010. Steen plans to go into production on the third series, “Myself Am Hell” in mid 2010


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