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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Magical Streamys Remix - schmoyoho

A mysterious website is discovered. Joy ensues.

Featured artists, in order of appearance:

Zach Galifianakis (Between 2 Ferns): http://bit.ly/LIsqt
Brigitte Dale: http://bit.ly/cGvXib
Michael Buckley: http://bit.ly/338PJm
Shane Dawson: http://bit.ly/P8bAx
Philip DeFranco: http://bit.ly/Mj3PC
Justine Ezarik: http://bit.ly/IUFQ2
Ed Helms (Subtle Sexuality): http://bit.ly/2YfCeR
Robin Thorsen (The Guild): http://bit.ly/4oYiwy
Amir Blumenfeld (Jake and Amir): http://bit.ly/4e5hmH
Molly Windman (Rocketboom): http://bit.ly/3E6V
Ass-Whooping (Angel of Death): http://bit.ly/2uMkD
David Wain (Wainy Days): http://bit.ly/sdfhB

^^ if you don't know these shows/channels yet, you should. check them out.

PS--thanks to the homeys/fans, we're nominated for 2 webbys!! vote for us here: http://nxtnw.tv/goATTN and here: http://nxtnw.tv/voteATTN
spread the word and get out the vote!


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