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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miles Beckett: The Show is All of Yours

Posted by Miles Beckett

And that got us thinking. Why limit TSIY to the LG15 Universe?

The more we thought about it, the more it made sense. TSIY should be for everyone. Now, this isn't a well-formed idea right now, it's more the beginning of an idea, but we'll be working on the details over the next couple months. I guess you can think of this as a pre-announcement. Anyways, in the near future we'll be announcing the launch of a new website focused on finding the absolute best social shows the web has to offer... scripted, reality, non-fiction, whatever it might be.

And, yes, I said "social show." I have a pet peeve about the monikers used to describe our art. Web series. Webisodes. Viral videos. They're so limiting.

A social show isn't just video. And, it most certainly isn't static. A social show, just like the internet, is interactive. We MUST embrace this interactivity if we want to push the medium forward.

A social show is like a blog on steroids with multimedia content and interactive "calls-to-action" that bring the audience inside the creator's world. If you've experienced lonelygirl15, Harpers Globe, or the Real Women of Philadelphia, you've experienced a social show. If you've experienced Philly D, iJustine, Epic Fu, or HotForWords, you've also experienced a social show. And if you have, you know that it's addictive. Ever since we uploaded the first lonelygirl15 video to YouTube, we've become addicted to the magical energy that forms between a team of interactive producers and a passionate audience, and we want to encourage everyone to become addicts just like us :)

Okay, that was the sugar. Now for a little medicine. Because we're spinning out "The Show Is Yours" as an independent brand, we're going to stop running an LG15-specific TSIY and will not be producing any new LG15 series in the forseeable future. Obviously this was a very difficult decision for us, but we think it's best to close this chapter in the LG15 Universe and focus on the future. So, in the next few months we'll be rolling out a re-design of the LG15 homepage to focus on improving the discoverability of all the current LG15 shows, episodes, and characters. We're also continuing to transfer shows from our legacy system into Umbrella, including KateModern and OpAPHID.

So, stay tuned. A new website for "The Show is Yours," and a fantastic opportunity for independent producers to partner with EQAL and create the next lonelygirl15.

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  1. Finally they have told us what we knew for so long, RIP LG15.

  2. can i throw a temper tantrum on here too?

  3. Including stories from outside the LG15 Universe was suggested to Eqal and rejected by them a long time ago. Interesting switch.

  4. Fascinating turn. I like this change. I like the word Social Show. I don't know were this will lead though.

  5. "...we think it's best to close THIS chapter in the LG15 Universe..."

    Not the LG15 Universe, just the LG15 TSIY. Important distinction.

    As for a TSIY network, like it.

  6. Re: immo

    "and [we] will not be producing any new LG15 series in the forseeable future"

    It's dead.

  7. Long hail the Great Mason Outbreak! LG15 is dead!

  8. Re: Thad


    But I get your point. It is what it is.

  9. "TSIY should be for everyone"

    Let us break the shackles of exclusiveness which have plagued TSIY for centuries!

  10. i hate to be right:


  11. So...is someone going to explain how "TV Guide for Social Shows" equals "The Show is Yours", or do we just let it be and walk away?

    I get LG15 is dead, and I get that EQAL wants to branch out and become relevant in web series again, but I don't get how TSIY fits into that.

    It's not like EQAL can give other people's shows to their fans? o_O

    "TV Guide for Social Shows" does not equal "Fan-created seasons of specific social shows".

    Clear case of branding fail, I'd say.

    Oh well. I guess, on principle, I should thank the Cs for everything, but imo, the first two years of awesomeness are at least balanced out by another two years of unresolved cliffhangers, months of neglect and silence or outright refusal of clear communication, constant technical failures, two site wipes removing two independent community bases, the year of hell on Umbrella Alpha 0.1, refusal to fix site issues to the point of lying about their complexity and cause, constant dangling carrots, and so on, and so on.

    So yeah, Creators.
    Thank you for lonelygirl15.
    Thank you for the friends I made.
    Thank you for allowing The Last to happen.
    [expletive deleted] for all the rest.

    @milo: I wish you'd have been completely right then and there. Instead, we had Outbreak violating the rotting corpse before the burial.

    At least after The Last, it would've been a worthy and enjoyable ending.

  12. http://twitter.com/austinmcconnell/status/13026422041


    GG Austin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oavMtUWDBTM

  13. Oh, question I just came up with: For a long while, it has been repeatedly stated, last time last September, that "all of the LG15 content, including the content [they] acquire with TSIY2" would be available under a Creative Commons license.

    How about that?
    Can we get official confirmation of that licensing, so the community can, if it wants to, continue with LG15?
    Or does EQAL want to back out of that?

  14. That's it then. April 28th 2010 the final shovel full of dirt has been tossed onto the grave of LG15. A week ago I was talking to someone about LG15. Asking how could something that started so good have ended as badly as it did. I guess there are a million answers to that question.

    DAMN YOU 436!

  15. Yes, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0. I just asked our team to add it to the footer. Hopefully that will happen soon. Please continue to expand the Universe. We're excited to see what you come up with!

  16. Under the cc licence I believe we have always been free to do what we want in terms of "non canon" derivative video, but only TSIY shows get canon status.

    If I recall correctly Greg said that was still in effect when they moved to umbrella 2.0.

    It would be interesting to see what happened if the community was allowed to run with the ball in terms of canon story going forward.

  17. Thanks for that clarification Miles.

  18. It is too bad that one of the original web shows to become successful in the mainstream is no longer with us. I wish they had shot a proper farewell so we could give it the sendoff it deserved. (Or at least a cast 'thank you' vid.)

    R.I.P. Lonelygirl15


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