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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Open Letter from the Executive Producers of the Streamy Awards

The Streamy Awards"We offer our sincere apologies to guests, viewers, our partners and sponsors for elements of the show that were in bad taste or disparaging to the hard work and incredible talent of our peers. As producers, we accept full responsibility for these mistakes. We are truly sorry."

Brady, Drew, Jamison, Joshua, Marc
The Executive Producers of the Streamy Awards

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  1. The question is: when are there going to be substantial changes to the make up of the Board of Directors of the IAWTV. This group has a fiduciary duty to make sure the Streamys stay on track and given that most of the producers are also on the board clearly that is a major problem going forward given what happened this year.

  2. What I got out of this statement is that we can expect the status quo next year. NOBODY who put this abomination together should be allowed the chance to damage our industry like this again.

  3. The seem to think they can just say "we will do better next year" and the community is going to let it go at that. Are we?

    We need to see changes in the Board of the IAWTV and I hope Felicia Day will lead that charge given that she is on the Board.

    Given the broad community reaction from around the World the status quo is NOT an option.

  4. "NOBODY who put this abomination together should be allowed the chance to damage our industry like this again."

    well, what about the 90% of webseries that are abominations? should they be killed off for the damage they do?

  5. @milo: They oftentimes kill themselves.

  6. (1/3 - nah just kidding)
    In my opinion for an industry that is so young a full on awards show in the vein of other award shows (of which there are far too many) seems a bit premature, including the vast differences in the levels of webseries. I understand that everyone wants a pat on the back for a job well done, but with so much variation between the series going for a full blown award show INCLUDING the unviewed ceremony seems a bit hurried. Granted I am not the greatest purveyor of webseries. I watch what I like, but I cannot claim near the vast knowledge of many of my peers here, and I did not actually watch the streamys. Its too soon, the medium is too young, and the Streamys may have been "the space's" Icarus moment. Its going to be hard to get webtv to be taken more seriously if this is the black eye that gets viewed. I think the most telling thing is a quote I just read by Jaleel White from and article that I'm sure is linked elsewhere in the fallout That's one of the things that's fun about the web community; it's chill. "It's like this thing is being put on by a high school play production." That's how the webtv community/space is being viewed by its more mainstream constituents. Yes that was a portion of the quote, but its what spoke to me, because while my high school did some amazing and professional productions... I've seen some really bad high school shows. I'm guessing the net neutrality ranting is the same as the award shows when the stars let their feelings on the war and such get known, but even they get fallout for that. Granted I've not said anything new, but figured I'd throw my two cents in anyway. (And if the article isn't linked somewhere: http://blogs.laweekly.com/stylecouncil/isociety/streamy-awards-web-television/)


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