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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Response to Streamy Producers’ Apology

by Sandeep

"But those issues aside what disappoints me the most is hearing how people were treated. Your own nominees. The whole SPIRIT of this show was COMPLETELY OFF and that I’m having a REAL hard time forgiving."

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  1. I honestly believe that if the people that run the Streamys are really going to take full responsibility then someone needs to step down like Sandeep said.

    We need to show the world right now that we're not just talking the talk, but making sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

    It's the professional thing to do, and at this point we could really use it. We're a close knit community, and a lot of us know the people who put this on, and I have no doubt they had only the best intentions, but for the good of fledgling web industry they need to step aside.

  2. The question is, what is the Streamy LLC? Until we are clear on that we have no idea how to move forward. It is quite possible that Streamy LLC is a fully independent for profit company that the IAWTV has absolutely no control over. It could be that the IAWTV does not even have any right to the Streamy Awards or any aspect of it. Where would that leave us if that is the case?

    See: What is Streamys, LLC?


  3. Even if tubefilter were to hoard the streamys and even if they ignore everyone we as a web series community can still recognize everyone's achievements. Nobody can physically stop us from doing that. It just wouldn't be the Streamys.


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