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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Streamy Awards Review

The Streamy Awards

Tomorrow, I will write a lengthy, oh boy do I have a lot to say, review of the Streamy Awards. However, for now I can sum up the show with the two following facts, which will tell you most of what you need to know. First, the funniest portion of the show was the unscripted tech failure. Second, the lovely and gracious Felicia Day, who truly loves web TV, received her Best Actress Streamy from a guy in his underwear. I think that gives you an accurate picture of how the night went.

More to come when I've had time to process it. Stay right here for all the Streamy news as it happens.

Felicia Day Streamy moment


  1. tweets of note #1

    "Febicon_normal mrschimpf I think I now know how everyone in a literal train wreck feels. #streamys"

  2. All I'm going to say is:

    Wow... just wow...

  3. ...yup. Basically, the Tubefilter folks conned a shitload of money out of people, then put up a half-assed and shameful awards show.

    Way to go. Douche bags of the year.

  4. For once I agree with annonymous...

  5. that's not a real picture, please tell me that's not a real picture.

  6. That is an actual screen capture from the Streamy 2010 Streamy Awards.

  7. We need to get this onto Perez Hilton's site!

  8. The sad reality of this is the fact that Hollywood allowed some has-been ruin a fun night for Felicia Day.

  9. for any uninitiated readers: the 2nd annual streamys was a complete clusterfuck of incompetence. it also included two males streakers, many tech failures, tons of poor and vulgar jokes (including many gratuitous f-bombs), and just millions of uncomfortable moments. all this is verified by tweets by watchers and audience members during the event.

    it was so bad that even amanda goodfried, you never saw a fan vid she didn't like, retweeted mathieas: "Amen. RT @Mathieas: @agoodfried I think it is time for Eqal to take back control of web TV"

    and she retweeted from miles (who is also loathe to ever publicly criticize others): "RT @mbeckett: @streamyawards is no officially off the rails. Naked dudes. Tech FAIL. Ouch. #streamys" (pic of amanda with melanie merkosky and miles in the background: http://img17.yfrog.com/i/wdqt.jpg/ )

    even if the whole thing wasn't complete a grade school play disaster, the awards themselves included another level of idiocy.

    Best Drama Web Series
    The Bannen Way

    as you know, we helped stir the huge controversy over whether the bannen way should even be eligible for an award. the show dropped 3 episodes early before the dec 31, 2009 release deadline in order to be up for consideration. they were apparently the best 3 episodes of all of web television. the show was professional looking, but that doesn't make it good. in fact, it sucked balls. its just low budget TV/movie on the web, and is the exact opposite of the creativity and rules-breaking that should be being awarded. and, in fact, its the content that breaks from the old rules that is what is actually doing well online - vloggers like shane dawson and sxephil, comedy acts like fred and smosh (though i abhor them) and now "annoying orange", folks like hotforwords and whatthebuck, and series that dominate a niche audience like "The Guild" (gamers), are racking up millions of views a week, when many of the webseries nominated were lucky to be seen by even a thousand people.

  10. Bannen way was also "geolocked" which means it was not available world wide and here we are giving awards for the World Wide Web (web series). That said the IAWTV has seen fit to decide that the World Wide Web is only World Wide when they think fit.

    That said, it was an enjoyable web series even though shows with episodes no more than 4 min are just easier to consume.


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