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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tubefilter and the Streamys

While this debate will go on for some time to come, Tubefilter needs to realize that they're in an industry where innovation matters, content matters and presentation matter.



  1. Fascinating write-up.

    (I know Mr. Sareen should have written this sooner, but cut him some slack; he's from New Jersey.)

  2. The logical way forward is for the IAWTV as a non-profit to have complete ownership and control over its own award show. If Tubefilter wants to transfer the "Streamy Awards" to the non-profit that would be their choice. This of course would take a lot of work to set up, so the question becomes whether or not the IAWTV has the talent and enthusiasm to make it happen. Clearly there is enough talent so that just leaves enthusiasm. They would of course need some form of financing but given that the Streamys were able to find sponsors this year I suspect that would be possible if the organization demonstrated that it had created a new structure that is fundamentally sound.

    A fully independently run award show could free us of the "ugly underbelly" of the past year. We need to move forward so why return to a failed strategy. As I have said elsewhere Tubefilter does bring a lot to the party and one would hope they would continue to embrace a fully independently run and operated IAWTV/award show. The key is that the IAWTV and the web series community needs to do what serves everyones interest best. In other words, what structure would prove the strongest into the future. I content that a fully independent IAWTV has the best shot, and even then it is not going to be easy unless the IAWTV learns to embrace the global community and the web as the primary platform for interactions, which, one would hope, would make everything less LA/USA-centric and more Web-centric. Again, as I have said before, it is time to put the W back in www.

    See discussion:

  3. See discussion:



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