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Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Mediacracy # 13 The One About the IAWTV

New Mediacracy #13

On this week's episode of New Mediacracy, hosts Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf are joined by Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan from A Comicbook Orange, Brett Register from The Crew and A Good Knight's Quest, Barrett Garese from Spytap, and Tony Valenzuela from Harper's Globe and The Phil DeFranco Show. As always New Mediacracy is less about being a structured podcast and more about a group of people discussing various topics, much like the Victorian philosophy groups but with less drinking and fewer orgies. Therefore, a rough outline of the various topics is below in order to make it easier to follow along, because if one is interested in the functioning of the IAWTV it is worth the time.

The episode is available for streaming at the show's website or the MP3 can be downloaded directly from here.

The Rundown

  • 3:30 Introductions
  • 17:20 Streamy Talk
  • 18:30 IAWTV Meeting
  • 27:15 Recounting of the meeting
  • 37:45 Back to the Streamys (community, voting, celebrities and validation)
    • 46:20 should the Streamys be in LA?
  • 51:10 Back to the IAWTV Meeting
    • 53:20 Gatekeepers
    • 54:00 Lack of communication and a disconnect with the board
  • 1:03:00 Doesn't the Academy have some responsibility?
    • 1:10:30 Gatekeepers again
  • 1:16:50 New Media west
  • 1:20:40 The board should be doing stuff
    • 1:23:30 Back to the Streamys
  • 1:25:50 Back to the Meeting
    • 1:35:00 "We're not an executing body"
    • 1:39:40 Buzzwords
    • 1:42:20 Michael Wayne
  • 1:45:20 Vacumm of leadership


  1. Awesome! I've been waiting on this!

  2. next year the streamys should be a video blog.


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