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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Five Questions With…Howcast CEO Jason Liebman


A lack of uniform standards for video formats, reporting, and analytics are definitely inhibiting faster growth of the online video market...




  1. Does every virus become an epidemic. No! Why then would anyone assume that anything “designed” to be viral would actually become a “viral video”. That does not take away from the use of the word or the concept. The fact that marketers phail at making them is not the problem of the term but rather the incompetence of many of those who attempt to make them. The word points to a goal, and a very useful goal. It does not make every marketer a genius at social marketing but that is not the fault of the term itself. 

  2. We definitely need more reliable view counts. For example when Crackle throws out huge views for a web series we need to better understand how those views were achieved. Were they "real views" where the viewer actually watched the content or were they using "autoplays" on a "front page". Did they reflect the video beginning to play or did they represent a complete view. Did the viewer "consume" the story or was it a "blind view".

    The only way we will achieve this is if the web series media sites such as Newteevee and Tubefilter call sites like Crackle on their data and provide very specific accounting of what the data actually represents (not simply what sites like Crackle want us to think they represent).

    To be fair to Newteevee they did follow up on the Crackle data but then simply said it was verified by an "independent source" and included autoplays.

    Verification of videos starting to play falls far short of what we should require if we are going to print information about view counts. If the media fail to call sites on their data and make it extremely clear what their data represents then the media becomes part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    Hopefully Newteevee will continue to aggressively push in this direction. Crackle is not the only site where we have a problem getting verifiable analytics so we should require specific accounting from all sites and not just regurgitate what they tell us or how they spin their data via the analytics they are willing to make public.


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