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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Stand: Dearly Departed - Ep. 2

Zombies. Remnants of the military. Viral infection. No food or clean water. As if this wasn't enough, now the survivors are turning on each other. When hope is all you hold on to, the past becomes the ghost that won't let you rest. The inner demons are just as hard to vanquish as the infected that now walk the earth. When the group set out together, they were seven people looking for hope. By the end of the last episode, zombies were encroaching on their hideout, bombers were closing in on their location, and one of them had turned on them to thin out the herd. "Dearly Departed" picks up with the survivors en route to St. Teresa's, the only place they know that may be safe from the viral scourge that is transforming everyone susceptible.

Galaxy Sailor Productions


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