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Friday, August 27, 2010

Net Neutrality: 7 Worst Case Scenarios

Both sides –- those opposed to FCC regulation of net neutrality and those who think it’s necessary –- proclaim that their defeat would be Armageddon.

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  1. Now we are about to find out if the web truely is global or not. I can't see how big media can simply swoop down and stomp the ENTIRE PLANET like this is implying. All it means is us little guys will go underground and beat their asses anyway.

  2. In terms of the "conventional internet" I think you are always going to have a fairly good basic performance as an open platform. The main debate is for things that require advanced delivery systems. For many years Akamai has been providing improved delivery to those willing to pay for it so it may become more like that on the high end.

    We not only need to worry about net neutrality, we need to worry even more about government intrusion into the internet. That seems to happen in country after country and often they use things like net neutrality as the trojan horse to gain a foothold.

    Now in the cellular area things are more complex because there you have pre-established gate keepers: the carriers. It is hard to say how that will play out especially with the Google/Verizon arrangement, but it always has been a bit of a problem child.


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