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Friday, August 20, 2010

Studios Giving Up on DVD, Pushing VOD Instead

So why has the DVD-to-VOD window suddenly collapsed?

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  1. Do you think this ties into Steve Jobs logic in not adding Blu Ray to any of Apple’s product line? Steve at least seems to think that either consumers will use stand alone Blu Ray players, or possibly that the only long term future for content delivery is online.

    And yes, Blu Ray does offer significantly better quality, but that has to be balanced against the convenience of online delivery.

  2. I don't see people getting rid of big screen TVs and watching highquality video for lower quality on a computer screen or smart phone.

    Although I did see someone watching Avatar on their phone today. Why? The story wasn't that good. So the only thing worth watching is the special effects.

  3. Well for the big screen when will the quality of video delivered online be good enough? Some consumers will probably choose convenience over a marginal increase in quality, but if the quality difference is large then it becomes a bigger issue.


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