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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vampirism Bites "Bonus": "Dr. John Gray's Anatomy of a Vampire"

From the desk of Dr. John Gray of The Hunting Party: Vampire Sciences Division:

"Alright, this is the first episode of the Q&A the boys in our brand spankin new, "New Media Department" put together. After assuring me that the utmost production value was put into the video to ensure professionalism, that I said nothing wrong in the final edit, as well as the highest quality music money can buy in the background, we feel this should be a great entry to help out all the rookie vampire hunters we've had pop up lately.

Do not let vampires watch this. It will piss them off badly. Also, I don't know why you're laughing when you watch it, since I haven't seen it yet, but don't be an idiot and put this on YouTube or something. The boys in New Media put in a hard 2 hours to get this polished, and it's an invaluable way to communicate with the newbies among us. Stop Laughing."

Dr. John Gray, The Hunting Party: Vampire Sciences Division.

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