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Monday, October 25, 2010

Studios and Venture Capitalists

Fast forward to 2010 where we are seeing many startup companies and films succeeding without the support of big corporate money.



  1. It is worth noting that neither Spark Capital or the angel investors who originally invested in Eqal wanted the funding to be spent on content. Instead they insisted that funding be spent on technology development. VC requires an extremely high rate of return and that demands an extremely high growth potential. Whether or not VC firms find such opportunities with new media studios in the future will be interesting to see.

  2. That's interesting, I always thought that Eqal's funding was for content development not tech development, shocking after having such a huge hit in Lonely Girl 15! Yes VC's are tough to play ball with, but at the same time are becoming less relevant as huge funding isn't needed for many ventures these days.

  3. Well today Angels and Super-Angels are playing a much bigger role in the process. However once a venture is up and running the VC companies usually step in and take the venture to the next level.

    The big change is the large increase in the number of Angels and the fact they have become better organized. There is certainly a lot of money available but it still requires a project that offers very large returns to attract such capital.


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