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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Penis Puppet on Chatroulette (Warning: Only for Adults!)


  1. It is helpful if you can add a "tag" that helps categorize videos. For example, common tag categories are: "web series", "web news", "web show", "community video". While not every video fits neatly into one category the use of tags is one way to group similar content into categories that help in later discovery.

  2. The reactions are epic.......lol.......

  3. Sorry about that, little unclear how the label thing works, I added "community video" into the labels, does that help?

  4. That is a good fit. Ultimately, like everything here we try and leave it up to the author since they know the content the are posting the best.

    "Community video" is a nice catch all for anything that captures the spirit of the online community and your video did that very well.

    Very funny.


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