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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cassieiswatching: ***IMPORTANT NEWS***

Live from Second Life:

"[2011/01/22 21:22] IM: Yelesom Astro: And on another note. We might have a professional working on that anagram of ours."

....stay tuned....


  1. I don't believe I missed this post... That said, I hacked together a program to do a dictionary-based brute-force attack on the anagram. Problem is, it's very sloppy code hacked together from something else, so it's note very efficient. It needs compiled for a 64-bit file system because the temp file quickly exceeds 2 gigs. Also, when the program stops, there's no option to restart it from where it left off. Even so, I'm close to posting the code to see if we can't finally crack this thing.

  2. Oh very cool. Could this finally be it? Lets hope so.......

  3. Hey Wintermute! This is great news! It's really good to see that someone else still wants to solve that damned anagram after all this time! (a hair over 4 1/2 years) The problem I have with the not-so-great anagram program I have on my computer (as well as http://wordsmith.org/anagram/) is that one ends up with mostly thousands upon thousands of nonsensical sentences such as "admonished badland holy cow dye us we!" Yes, that's a solve for line #4 of the anagram. My anagram program has worked out over 1,120,000 possible solutions for that line so far--it's still running--and thus far they're *ALL* solutions which begin with the word "admonished"!!! (No joke!)

    I'm still amazed that people were able to solve these things so quickly back in the day. (I've always suspected that we got some help from the Cassie PM in the form of a sock puppet or two! Not everyone agrees with that theory.) "Admonished beyond dull show cad yew a." Dull show? Did Cassie predict the existence of EQAL and their "Real Women of Philadelphia" show? Haha! But seriously...over a million solutions and its still working on the word "admonished!" Eventually it will move on to the next word. How the hell did people solve these things?

  4. Over 2,200,00 solutions now. Still using "admonished." "Admonished walled bony cad use why do." "Admonished wholly nude cow dad say be." Yeah.

  5. Just surpassed 3 million solves. It's still only working on 7-word sentences with the word "admonished" in them. Eventually it will move on to 7-word sentences beginning with another word...possibly "yellowish." "Admonished bawdy clay hen odd owl sue."

  6. 6 million plus. Still only 7-word sentences with "admonished." Jeez!

  7. Maybe if we are lucky we can solve it before Cassie's 23rd Birthday party. Now that would be some reason to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 9 million plus. Still "admonished." Seriously...how were CiW's anagrams ever solved?

  9. But there has to be a better way than this! How long would it take to read 9 million sentences? (Oh, it's passed 10.5 million solutions, still only including "admonishes"...and I'm going to shut it off!) And I seriously doubt that the word "admonishes" is even IN line 4! Not that she wasn't fond of admonishing us. A more logical method would be to select a word among the usable words found for a line (this program found 3431) and make the anagram software work with that word--which is something that even this rather limited program can do. BTW, usable words include: mad, sullen, callous, unwomanly, dead, and bony...haha. I'm on a mac btw, and there's really only one anagram program for OS X--very creatively named "Anagram." (lol) There are no doubt newer, much more powerful anagram programs for Windows--maybe even some that arrange the sentences into logical grammatical order? Maybe I should force it to look for something with "dead" in it? Actually, line 4 does begin with a word that starts with an "A." Quite possibly "A" or "An." Or perhaps "And." Probably NOT assonance, anacondas, ambuscade, ambulance, abdomens, annulled...or many others listed among the 3,431 usable words. Gah! If only Yele would talk to this professional cryptologist...

  10. OK. My very hack-ish program is available on my blog at http://www.nitemarecafe.com/2011/05/03/anagram-brute-force-program/. It's mostly stolen code twisted to do what I need it to. It should compile on any OS, though it's only been compiled for Linux thus far. Some ideas for future version - make it so it can save progress, handle punctuation, and maybe use GPUs as well... I wrote this program about a year ago and promptly crashed the machine which was running it, then forgot about it until I stumbled across this post.


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