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Monday, February 28, 2011

Notes on creating webseries

The IPF says that $300-$3000/minute is average budget range....

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Source: slebisodes on Twitter


  1. That budget is probably true if you go on location, and have to purchase a script, pay someone to storyboard it, line producer, crew, etc. However, if you can't come up with that amount of money, try your own hand at writing that script (you don't have to pay the writer that way), draw all of the storyboards yourself, on your MAC if you have one and know how to use the program. If you don't, then buy some magazines and pull tear sheets from them of photos that seem to be what you were thinking of shooting and even if you've never storyboarded before, try your hand at it, you may be surprised....then build your own sets....if you can't afford the real thing check out yard sales, flea markets and don't forget the party store...that folding bar I bought for $120 was plain beige...I turned it into a tiki bar, a jungle bar covered it with a paper zebra tablecloth and scotch tape (cost about $3-$4)...the tiki bar straw umbrella came from the drugstore, between $10-$15, then even if you've never directed before, try it, you just may like it. If you can afford a real casting director great...Tige Charity at C&C Casting is great and will work with you re: fee. Otherwise ask your actor friends on FB or take out an ad in Backstage and cast it yourself...then you just have to pay the crew, the DP, etc and of course the food...which if you cook it yourself can save you a whole heap. I did all of that for Pink Slip (except I got take out from the bagel store for breakfast and takeout from the Italian Restaurant down the street).....Mandy.com also lists free P.A.'s, although mine were paid. Just do it....you'll find a way and if at the last minute you need more cash, clean out your drawers and have a yard sale....just do it!

  2. Great tips. $300/minute gives you a budget of $900 for a 3 minute episode. Now as you point out you can save a lot of money and you can probably do a great series for zero if you "subsidize" it by calling in favors. However you still have incidentals such as food and gas (never skimp on food for your crew in any situation where they are volunteering their efforts). etc.

    One of the keys to production planning is good scheduling. By shooting multiple episodes in one day you can probably save money for example (where possible). However there are cases where "audience interaction" affects the plot so that can also be tricky at times.

    The real cost of a web series is the "opportunity cost" of time you borrow from yourself and others. That is why it is best if it is a labor of love.


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