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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrate the Web 4: Raising the Bar Web Festival: - "Elements and Rules"

...will be livestreaming the themes and elements from Streamin’ Garage as well as delivery details and official rules and guidelines 10 AM PST, today on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/celebratetheweb

LIVE BLOG (see official post at the end of the live blog):

Elements for the web series must include:
- pilot should "springboard" from the quote: “Time moves in one direction, memory in another” (quote from William Gibson)
- the number 42 should be included.
- an image of a globe will be provided and must be included.

Rules: max tiime 5 min
- credits should include “Made for Celebrate the Web 4: Raising the Bar Web Festival” and title of the web series.
- deadline to have everything done: 10am PST March 10.
- no stock footage or footage not shot during the 7 days can be included.

- You must upload to a new blip.tv account.
- Include a 1 page treatment of where the pilot would go for the series which should be e-mailed to [email protected]

- Top 10 will be screened at theatre and voted on at the web site.
- And 11th will be selected as a "wildcard".

Format and crew:
- No limit but you can only be on one team.
- SAG actors can be used; SAG will get you the paper work so that you are protected.

- Tweet with hashtag: #CTW4
- Teams are encouraged to use the discussion board on the web site: http://www.celebratetheweb.com
- Contact phone number for emergencies: 858-335-4426

Cash prize $500 for "winner".
Meeting with Dina Kaplan etc from Blip.tv
Top 10 will be given premium accounts on Blip.tv

Official post: http://www.celebratetheweb.com/index.php/2011/03/thefestivalbegins/


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