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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confessions of a Lucky Storyteller (Fun is Important)

... but for such a young “industry” there sure is a lot of dogma being thrown around by many self-proclaimed “experts” and “pioneers of a new industry.”

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  1. The reality is that if you are not getting views for your web series you are doing something tragically wrong. There are no simple answers. There are no rules. But if you make your show for an audience and you do not build one, then what are you doing wrong?

  2. The problem with the current "indie TV" "group think" is that they consider web series to be "TV online". It is not.

    Web series need to evolve in the context of social media at every level from the ground up.

    You cannot treat your audience engagement as an afterthought. It needs to be in the DNA of the web series and the writing.


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