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Saturday, March 5, 2011

When Eqal meets cream cheese....

Jenny Drumgoole, "Real Woman of Philadelphia", Jan. 29 - Mar. 15, 2011, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA

Cream cheese commentary

"....she aims to show the conspiracies of corporate America through her art."


"Drumgoole attributes much of this deception to the production company behind the contest, Eqal".


See also: http://www.jennydrumgoole.com


  1. This is yet another reminder that social media is a double edged sword. We live in an age of "personal empowerment" and if the allegations are true you really cannot expect to get away with this type of behavior without someone online pointing it out. Of all the companies that should not have fallen into this trap it is Eqal.

    What were you thinking Miles?

  2. So what exactly is this chic's beef? I watched the video she looks like an idiot.

  3. Let me crawl out from under my rock here at LG15Today...errr.. :: glances around :: or whatever its called and say..SET UP! I smell a cream cheese covered rat..and suspect that with the power of editing things are not exactly the way that this artist/actress/trollop wants to portray it...
    Let me remind everyone here of the power of editing..the ability to twist things enough to make them seem entirely different that what they are..
    I suspect that my Drumgoole is a hypocritical opportunist that probably is not telling the full truth... If everyone thinks that having a ghost writer for commenting blogs etc for a celeb is something usual..they are farther under the rocks than me...though they probably smoked em all with Charlie..
    TO sum up my position..I think Ms Drumgoole is fulla crap...and if I am wrong..I'll eat the cream cheese..preferably slathered of her body..cause I am a capitalist womanizing pig..

  4. anon, u need to read the article on the link below the video.

    As for the allegations some celebs have also used "ghost" writers. However as with when Paris Hilton was arrested in Vegas such things tend to be exposed. The smart play is to just not do it and use a community manager instead. One would think Eqal would know that.

  5. Sorry..but an entity that publishes a website and establishes an online identity with total actual anonymity has ZERO credibility commenting on the topic of ghost writers...

  6. its not like the philly cream cheese sponsorship is hidden about the show - its out in the open. the chick looks amusing, but it doesn't sound like a legit "expose" of anything we don't all know.

  7. Breaking News, Charlie Sheen may not do his own tweeting. Shocked I say, shocked.

  8. It would be fair to say that most people assume that "celebs" delegate a lot of stuff to assistants. That is more or less accepted.

    However as far as I know Anthony Zuiker has always done his own work on the Level 26 site. The "Eqal model" has always been fairly transparent with the site community manager running most of the core activities but with the central figure being some what "authentic".

    In any case none of that is really at the core of the allegations here. What you have is the alleged impersonator "outing" them self as the allegedly celeb "impersonator" and then allegedly threatening that user. That kinda takes the issue to a new level if the facts are as stated.

  9. If you take those facts as stated to be facts you need to get your logic circuits checked..and just because Eqal uses one model for a tech savy person like AZ does not mean that model MUST be used for all personalities..
    Also..This story screams to me of BULLSHIT as told by this publicity seeking artist/actress..
    Maybe at times we have had axes to grind and bones to pick with the Eqal crew...maybe they've been assholes even...but they are OUR assholes..and I might be NUTS..but..I'll be buggered in my magnificently shaped virgin butt before I don't defend my assholes..
    This does not sound to me like something that typically comes out of Eqal..have your memory banks been corrupted?

  10. Meh, I don't see why something like this is worth worrying about. If Eqal screwed up, they screwed up, it's not our money being made or lost anyway. If they don't learn from their past mistakes they won't be in business much longer. It's that simple as that.

    I'm not defending them or throwing them under a bus either, this just doesn't seem to be worth getting upset about.

  11. Well like I said this does not fit the model normally used by Eqal. They also used a community manager on Harpers Globe.

    However the person writing the linked article seems to have gone to a lot of trouble just to single out Eqal. Now why even mention them?
    She seems to have done some homework and the quote is disturbing if true. But, who knows what really happened. It does seem like Paula had no clue what the lady in question was talking about. But as you point out above you can distort truth with editing.

    So far Eqal has not released a denial as far as I know. You might check with the author of the original linked article.

  12. The STANDARD model used by Eqal would be: DECEPTION to ACHIEVE.

    Start with LonelyGirl 15 - the name alone implies that she might want a little company. What NORMAL adult sits around and develops an idea to have an underage girl attract an audience with that screen name? It's SICKENING and NOT something to brag about. They couldn't have her be a legal age? Why not? It's just disgusting. The population DOES have an opinion and is PERMITTED to have that opinion.

    Let's move on: Kraft hired these same people to create a social network for their cream cheese. They used the practice of deception (which they so cleverly used on youtube) to attract people who are fans of Paula Deen. They wrote as though the WERE Paula Deen and deceived people into thinking that Paula Deen cared about anything they did. Oh, and, supposedly, according to the members of Eqal who are writing here, the women are supposed to know it's a ghost writer. Eqal, if THIS is fact that people are SUPPOSED to know when Paula Deen signed on for another year and presented the awards for the hostesses on your site AND made videos FOR your site, then why don't you go to your website RIGHT NOW and POST IT UP that PAULA DEEN IS NOT PARTICIPATING. She's just a FACE on the site. Eqal wanted fans of Paula Deen to BELIEVE Paula was on that site. They even had Paula Deen become an instant friend for each and every person who joined.


    They are not only playing on the need of people to want to talk to Paula Deen, but are playing on the desire of people to become famous. I suppose one can justify to him-/herself that the need to become famous is that person's OWN fault for falling into the trap of deception. That makes it easier to sleep at night.

    The people getting upset on here ARE the people who work for Eqal. They are trolling the site. They are trying to do a smear campaign on Jenny Drumgoole who is telling the truth. Jenny has nothing to gain where they have everything to lose.

    Two thumbs up to the TRUTH!

  13. People do want to interact with the Celebs. That is what makes the Level 26 site work....and as said above I believe that is real. I do not know what happened on Paula's site. I think everyone assumed that was run the same way. If not, that must be very disappointing to the fans who thought they were interacting with her.

  14. Model- Correct! Making your audience feel stupid isn't a great idea. In this day and age, with Twitter and other social networking tools where real interaction can take place, there's no need for anyone to walk into a forum to be played a fool. It's a huge mistake for any company to assume their audience consists of people who have an IQ below plant life.

  15. If there was any truth to this article someone other than the temple city news would be talking about it. don't believe everything you read, even if it comes from the temple city news.

  16. Still have not seen a comment from Eqal. If there was no truth to it would it not be in their best interest to deny it. Or, would denying it just be feeding the frenzie?

  17. Click on Rambo in the center for the last video:


  18. Thanks for the link. Will post the video in a new post...


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