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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Does the ‘Web’ in ‘Web Series’ Keep the Mainstream at Bay?

... I do my best to convince them we’re better off going with ‘original series’ and here’s why:

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  1. @shiralazar If you need to use labels Web series for narrative, Web show for show, Web News for News, and Community video for Youtube, work


    But CONTENT IS KING. People watch shows because the content resonates with them, not because of some arbitrary "label". If you have a great show or series or vlog and you market your "product" then people will watch it.

    What is more we have the greatest distribution platform ever known to the planet: the World Wide Web (aka the Web). Why would we not embrace it. Why would be not LOVE it. Why would be not use it and respect it, and NOT geoblock it, spam it with paid views etc etc like the advertising industry chooses to do.

  2. If your show doesn't resonate with an audience, it isn't "good" regardless of Hollywood's usual criteria for "good". Period.

  3. Updated the original post with Shira's post


    Incidentally, some of us think that there are fundamental differences between the "DNA" of traditional TV and "Web series", so the term "TV" really only applies to content made and distributed on that medium, even if it ends up on online where it is normally geoblocked because that is how the TV people think. They have yet to embrace the World Wide Web.


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