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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Only 2 more episodes left! #WatchLaps


  1. More than 4 videos in one post can cause problems with the blog loading for some pple. 5 is possibly ok if there is a reason it needs to be done, but above that it begins to impinge on the experience on the blog.

    Just leave what you have (unless someone leaves a comment that it is causing an issue for them) but think about that for the future.

  2. Also, its a good idea to do posts in a way that the tag for the series under the post creates a category:


    Hence all you need is the link and not a re-post of all the previous videos.

  3. Ah, sorry about that. Won't happen in the future!

  4. Cool, and remember a big part of getting your series noted is going out, watching and comment on other series. A lot of pple forget to do that.

  5. Another idea is to create a short 3min re-cap video to bring the viewer up to speed with "the story so far. (This can also be done with text and pixs). This create an entry point for new viewers and can be used to promote the series. If you use this to "hook" new viewers then some will go back and look at the older videos on their own.

    Also, always remember to check back here for comments:)


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