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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse

What started as a peaceful protest turned nasty as police moved in against what some estimate may have been as many as five to ten thousand protestors who marched through the streets of New York City without a permit.

The protest was part of the OccupyWallStreet movement which had marched from Liberty Plaza to Union Square. At the square the protestors began to discuss marching to the United Nations. Shortly after that the police moved against the protestors.

Among the arrested were at least two of the media team that had been streaming the protest live at:


Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com


While on a peaceful march near Union Square in downtown Manhattan, multiple female protestors were penned up in the street by orange mesh baricade, then maliciously maced.

The women were peaceful and unarmed. They were secured by barricade with an overwhelming police presence. And they were then sprayed directly in the face with pressurized mace...

WeAreTheOther99 continues to peacefully occupy lower Manhattan to begin a dialogue with the Top 1% with the goal of a peaceful transition of power back to the People.

This can no longer be stopped. But be advised, this will not be televised...

At least four arrested, one for shooting photos UPDATE: at least fifty five arrested, five maced and RETRACTIONS: no tear gas used

Read the full post:

UPDATE: At least another fifty arrested.

Occupy Wall Street Tweets ..........

Bruner said that the arrests likely happened somewhere between 12th Street and Union Square.


Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution ( Occupy Wall Street )

We want to share insights into the formation of a new social movement as it is still taking shape in real time.
The video was shot during the 5th and 6th day of the occupation.
This idea to occupy the financial district in New York City was inspired by recent uprisings in Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Tunisia which most of us were following online.
Despite of the corporate media's effort to silence the protests, and Yahoo's attempt to to censor it in e-mail communication, the occupation is growing in numbers and spreading to other cities in the US and abroad.
Please forward our video to likeminded people via email, facebook, twitter - and make the voices of dissent circulate.

Find the latest news, learn how to participate and support:


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