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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scripted web series set on Wall Street

So far, two scripted web series are set on Wall Street:

  1. Wall Geek
    Daniel is a quantitative analyst working on Wall Street. Daniel's coworker Paix loves peace and yoga, and wants to make money ethically. Daniel's boss Sam has a big ego, but a great heart. Daniel's wife Debra wants to live in luxury.

  2. iBanker


  1. Wall Street is a pretty narrow category.

    In terms of reality you might want to look at the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been putting out a lot of reality content on YouTube.

    This has been covered on Web News channels like RT and Adam Kokesh among others.

    There is also a very vibrant and active community interested in the topic on IRC chat.

    Check out OccupyWallSt.org for details.

  2. Much more interesting post.

    Content that brings pple to your show and enriches it will resonate more with readers.


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