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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An interview with Mesh Flinders (one of the creators of lonelygirl15)

Paving the Way For the Web Series Era by socomedia

Mesh also gives talks on the intersection of film and social media on his website social-film.com.

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From LGPedia:
Ramesh "Mesh" Flinders is a screenwriter who, along with Miles Beckett, created the lonelygirl15 series.
According to journalist Joshua Davis, who knew Mesh as a child, Flinders grew up on a commune outside of San Francisco, and had a difficult transition to a Catholic high school. While studying Film and Visual Arts at Occidental College, from where he later graduated, Mesh Flinders invented an alter-ego, the shy but precocious homeschooled girl who would eventually become Bree. He wrote short stories about her, told fireside tales about her as a camp counselor and started writing scripts about her.
His short film Pond is about a Bree-like high school girl who gets left behind on a museum field trip and meets the ghost of the museum's famous architect. Together they solve the mystery of his confinement, freeing the architect from his museum purgatory, and helping Ana find something to care about. The Pond screenplay won the Panavision Young Writer's award in 2004.
Flinders was working as an assistant in the entertainment industry and maker of short films when he met Beckett at a karaoke bar birthday party. Beckett had the idea to tell a story about a videoblogger on YouTube; Flinders had the perfect character. The duo quickly set about planning, writing scripts and held a casting call. Around the time the series began, Flinders and Beckett contacted Greg Goodfried for legal advice. The three eventually became known as the Creators.
Bree's bedroom was in fact Mesh's apartment. Most of the girlie accessories in the room were purchased at Target.
At the end of 2007, Mesh left the Lonelygirl15 crew to work on the script for his future feature film. He announced his departure in a video post on his blog on January 18th, 2008.
Mesh currently lives in New York City where he is developing several film and media projects. His second short film, "Further Lane" premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival in May, 2010.

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