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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rent-Your-Friends #CTW5

What is friendship? Some might say it's a bond between two people, others would say it's a shared experience with someone who agrees on a common interest. Notice the word share. Now replace it with transaction. In any friendship, there always an exchange. Let it be food, attention, hugs, an open mind, a ride across town, etc. Regardless of the currency, it is established that no friendship is free, or anything for that matter. And for that very reason alone, Rent-Your-Friend was born. In any given city there are is an estimated 2 million individuals who are rich, lonely, and isolated. And in an economy like ours, the line between an honest friend and a sycophantic moocher is more blurred than ever before. And who can they turn to? That's correct, a friend who you know for certain is in it for the money. No more bad acting, no more fake smiles. With Rent-Your-Friend, every friendship is as real as the money you spend. Because a real friend is an honest friend, and with characters such as these, there's no limit to the specificity of your friendship needs. Need some hip guests at your next house party? Need a solid entourage to role to the club? Or maybe you just need a friend to listen to your troubles while you go hiking. Take your pick, the purpose of Rent-Your-Friend is to deliever A+ characters from every and any tribe of man you can imagine. Enjoy the show! Leave comments!!


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