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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Web Series Today Discussion Page: Facebook to remove Discussions tab from Pages

Facebook doesn’t seem to be planning to offer a way to export content from the app before it’s killed.

Read the full post:

NOTE: Facebook recently deleted a key discussion page which contained a few key discussion pages about posting content on Web Series Today. [See Web Series Today Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/webseriestoday The FAQ link on the right hand menu which was directed to the FB discussion page has been replaced with a "Become a WST "Author" which will now link to this article.

Here is one of they key discussions that was removed by Facebook:

Web Series Today: Become an "Author"

Another key discussion was about the use of tags:

It is a good idea to add "tags" to your posts on Web Series Today. Blogger uses tags to categorize articles which makes it easier to find related stories.

A couple of powerful tags are:

1. The name of your web series.

2 The tag: web series, - which groups all web series under one category. If a post is more a community video, web news or a web show, then using the appropriate tag will best group your post with similar content.

If you leave out the tags your series will not be automatically categorized and hence will be more difficult to find.


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