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Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Week in Webseries - Episode 8 - IAWTV AWARDS - Matt Newcomb and Chris Greenaway


  1. I am not aware that anyone has ever suggested the IAWTV should tell anyone or even has the right to tell anyone not to use geoblocking. What I have suggested is that the IAWTV should respect the concept of the World Wide Web if they are going to use the term "Web".. Geoblocking violates the spirit and intent of the World Wide Web by treating the internet as locally censored regionalized local networks, rather than a World wide network. If companies choose to use it they are not on the Web.

  2. I totally agree with you on Geoblocking, can I quote you in a post I intend to put on the IAWTV FB group?
    I'd also love to have you on the show as well, just let me know :)


  3. Oh you are more than welcome to quote it.

    The discussion goes back a long way and generally the pro-geoblocking argument is that the ad agencies need it to sell ads on a local model as you know. This is a content strategy being used by some to produce "online content" but I contend that if its geoblocked that content is not available on the World Wide Web.

    Some on the IAWTV try to hide behind "we need to be open to all content". This is not a question of being open. It is a question of upholding the spirit and intent of the World Wide Web as a global network. If you want to use the word "Web" then you should respect what it stands for.

    That said, some very good content has been produced that is geoblocked, but that makes it no different from much of the TV content that suffers the same fate.

    Part of what makes a Web series unique is that they are on the World Wide Web.

  4. Streamys Eligibilty: Geoblocking

    Have The Streamy Awards Sold Out?

  5. What can I say, except that I love anything Travis Gordon and he has such a great on screen presence, perfect for interviewing and I also love the idea of the show. Great to learn more about the various shows, projects, etc.


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