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Friday, December 2, 2011

Web Series Today: 1,000,000 visits and counting....

At 6:46pm PT on December 2, 2011 Web Series Today passed the one million visit mark.

Total visits: 1,000,000
Total views:1,589,323
Twitter following: 2401
Facebook likes: 616
Followers on blogger: 174

Web Series Today is a "open collaborative community based blog" about "Web series" What that means is that members of the web series community can become "authors" and post videos, articles about web series, or links to information/news about web series and related topics such as ARGs or "Transmedia". The blog was originally founded on February 16, 2007 as LG15 Today but has evolved to Web Series Today in order to keep the Web series community up to date with what is going on in the community.

Thanks to all our readers, all those who have left comments and especially those who have contributed as "authors".

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  1. w00t!!!!!!

    Cudos!!!!!!!! It's been a longtime coming but you hit an amazing milestone today!!!!!

  2. Tachyfin did a happy dance...


  3. Awesome accomplishment! I'm popping the champagne in your honor.

  4. In "our" horor I hope!!!!

    Everyone who reads...

    Everyone who comments...

    and everyone that posts.

    We are all part of this accomplishment.

  5. WooHoo!!!!

    Umm, who is paying for all this champagne? I left my wallet at home.

  6. Joe, we distributed 436 bottles of champagne! I wonder why you did not get yours:):):)


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