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Sunday, May 20, 2012


*RHeart Radio is hosting its' first web series premiere!  We've been following the creator, writer, director of this amazing new series Pietro D'Alessio since January, slowly learning about Proper, USA and now the time is almost here for the release! 

*Join RHeart Radio on May 31st for an Exclusive Special Screening & Live Chat w/the Cast!  Here's your invitation! Be sure to RSVP for the private chatlink:

*This series has been described as '90210' meets 'The Godfather' and I think soap fans are really going to sink their teeth into it!  Proper Manors centers around the town & residents of 'Proper, USA', that begins with a high school graduation.  The Sorrento's are a major influence (can anyone say mob?) in the lives of the characters, obviously with lots to hide!  Filmed in the conservative state of Utah, this online serial is not afraid to boldly go where traditional network soaps don't dare- drugs, sex, trans-gender and gay issues to name a few!  A stellar cast which includes soap veteran Anne Sward, Cherie Johnson who got her start as 'Punky Brewster's' sidekick and Hunter Gomez, who was in the hit blockbuster movie 'National Treasure' with Nicolas Cage.  The entire cast and crew ooze talent and have created a web series that will have fans screaming for more!

*Check out this promo:

*Unable to attend the Red Carpet Premiere? RHeart has it covered!  We will have a correspondent on the red carpet and will chat with the cast & crew as they arrive!  Join us on May 29th @ 9pm (ET):


*If you are in Utah, be sure to catch the Red Carpet Premiere & After Party!  For details and tickets, go to: http://www.propermanors.tv/products/

*Want to hear more about Proper Manors?  RHeart will have the final round of interviews with the cast and crew before the big premiere!  Join us on May 30th at 10pm (ET) as we chat with the legendary Anne Sward, whom you might recognize from As TheWorld Turns, Matthew Borlenghi who has been cast in the hit webseries 'The Bay The Series' and creator/producer/writer extroidinarre, Pietro D'Alessio. 


Also check out our previous interviews with the cast and crew- just click on the 'Media' section on their website:  http://www.propermanors.tv/

*It's going to be a fun premiere week.... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!

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