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Thursday, May 17, 2012


*Want to be a part of Soap Opera history??  Join the RHEART RADIO 'Pimp My Story Event'....

'MY STORY' is a new web series by Heather DiPietro, who has been a soap fan her entire life. You might recognize her as an Associate Producer of the 'Soap Life' documentary created by Matthew DeMatto, who chronicled the cancellations of 'All My Children', 'One Life To Live' and subsequent Prospect Park fiasco. 'MY STORY' not only pays homage to the soap genre, but is also a beacon for all fans of daytime, primetime and online serials. It's unique, as well as relatable as it depicts how deeply soaps impact our lives, how connected, invested, passionate, loyal and emotional fans become.

'MY STORY' centers around a college student, an avid soap fan who watches 'Moments Of Our Time' as her own dramatic life unfolds. It is innovative in that not only will we see the life of our dedicated soap fan, we'll also watch her soap as the series unfolds. 'MY STORY' is one of the first web series that will weave soap fan's stories into the show, finally highlighting a lacking ingredient within modern network soap operas. How did you begin watching soaps? Was it with your mother, grandmother or did your soap opera help get you through a traumatic event in your life? Did it bring your family or friends closer together? Were there characters you identified with because you were going through a similar situation in your life? Most fans just want to be heard, to be counted and after the last 1 1/2 years of getting treated like a dog kicked to the curb, this series needs to be out there. Fans will get to tell their stories and become a part of soap opera history in the new online medium as the genre slowly migrates to the online platform. Ultimately a soap opera within a soap opera, this series is for all fans, shot from a fan's point of view, created by fans and truly is the Fan's Voice! Help us ensure this project will be completed.

*Want your soap story told on 'MY STORY'? Join us Friday, May 18th, 8am-midnight (ET) for the 'Pimp My Story' Event...it's simple. Donate $5 and we will include a special thank you in the credits of each episode for Season 1, but that's not all! Tell us your story- how you began watching soaps, how your life has been impacted and your feelings about the cancellations. We'll pick 2 winners based on their stories and creator Heather DiPietro will interview you via phone or skype, which will be included in the series!  ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED ON FRIDAY, MAY 18th, BETWEEN 8am - midnight, ET.  THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD ON 'PIMP MY STORY EVENT' DAY.  ENTRIES SUBMITTED AFTER the 18th WILL NOT BE REVIEWED. This is a once in a lifetime chance to have your story included in a new webseries....

Post your stories and those received during the above timeframe will be counted. 

You won't get an opportunity like this again, so let's ensure this web series is completed- help us include you in the history of the soap genre. This is the fan's chance to finally BE HEARD!

Donate: Pimp My Story

If you want to hear our chat with creator Heather DiPietro on RHeart Radio, go to the 60 min mark to hear more:


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