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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Takei To Take On Facebook’s Algorithm In Upcoming Book

.... I have had to take active steps to get fans to add my page to their “interests” so that it has a higher likelihood of appearing in their news feed.

Read the full story:

::::: NOTE: We mentioned this issue a while back. If you "like" the Web Series Today Facebook page and want to make sure its content shows up in your "FaceBook feed" then it is a good idea to add the page to your "interests list" in addition to hitting the "like" button.  If you do not, you will only see a small percentage of the posts in your feed because of the way FaceBook has manipulated their algorithm in order to make more profit from its community.


  1. This is a hugely important issue to anyone interested in Web Series. We depend on personal empowerment and the use of social media tools to spread the word. When FaceBook throttles that ability as it has been doing for several months it negatively affects our ability to communicate.

    FaceBook is a public corporation and legally entitled to abuse its users in any way it wants within the limit of the law. That said, it does not mean we have to take it sitting down. Yes, FaceBook needs to make money so it is understandable that it might want to charge large highly profitable companies for promoting their goods and services. But, why are small Web series "like pages" caught in that same net?

    Hopefully Facebook will look for ways to tweek its algorithm so that it does less harm but that will only happen if we are vocal about the issue.

  2. Takei is definitely striking a chord because even Zuckerberg himself recently "Liked" his FB page. That doesn't happen unless Zuckerberg wants to keep tabs on you.


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