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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GUIDES episode four: Damn The Ubiquity

Dray turns down a job offer, tries to dodge Cree and runs into Koric, the mystery guy from episode two, who has plans for him.

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  1. Did you add the show title tag/label to all of your episodes? If not, they won't all show up in the she story stream for you show:


  2. I will recheck it thanks. How do I get GUIDES to show up in categories on the main page?

  3. It has been added now.

    The problem you are having is that you spelled Web series the conventional way in some posts (Guides Web Series) but spelled it the non recognized way in others (Guides webseries). The spelling "webseries" is discouraged in the tag/label system because it leads to mass confusion. For that reason we only use the "Web series" spelling for tags/labels.

    I will edit the tags/labels on all the videos then the entire story stream will be linked by the category on the side.

  4. Is there a way to change guides to GUIDES in the categories section? Also, is there a better place to ask you questions?

    1. This is where all discussion takes place regarding Web Series Today. The benefit is that everyone benefits from discussions and this helps keep everyone informed at one time.

      In terms of the category system, all that was explained in the FYI link you were provided when you signed up as an "author". You would have to go through all your posts and edit the tags/labels accordingly. Just refrain from using "webseries" because in terms of the tag/label system it is only recognized as "Web series". Beyond that you are responsible for your own posts and everything else flows from the tags/labels as you write them.

  5. I saw that about the tags/labels, but it doesn't save when I change them.

    also, should the views on here register on YouTube?

    1. Yes, views in any embed on Web Series Today contribute to your total views on Youtube.

      Think of embeds as the Webs version of syndication. However there are some advantages of using embeds. For example they allow you to supplement a video post with graphics and/or screen shots that augment a post. This can be very valuable since graphics also show up in Google search and these frequently drive traffic.

      When making a post, always think in terms of how someone is going to find your post on Web Series Today via a Google search. We do have regular readers but Google search also drives some traffic to well constructed posts.

      Also all posts go out on our Twitter feed that has over 3300 followers. It is a good idea to have an many people as possible re-tweet the tweet that is created by your post.

  6. In terms of using all caps here is an example of a story stream where it worked:


    I suspect that the tag/label would have to read GUIDES Web series (or whatever you want) from the FIRST usage. To accomplish this you might have to edit out all the uses where it uses lower case and THEN start fresh with the all caps spelling.

    To make your life easy start out my creating a list of all of the posts you will need to change using the existing story stream. Then edit each of the links. Finally add the tags back with the all cap spelling.

    Hint: you should notice that there are no suggestions matching your tag/label once you have eliminated all the incorrect tags. At this point I suspect that blogger will accept the all cap spelling. If you are still seeing a suggestion with the lowercase spelling it either means you have not removed all the old ones OR you may have to wait a couple of days for the system to "clear".

  7. I have another question about views. Does the view count in the back end represent how many people watched the video?


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