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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Juggling a Web Series

Ok, keep your eye on the balls….around and around they go, and if we work real hard, they might all stay up in the air!

Ball #1:  Filming:  Schedules are done, casting and recasting is complete, and we are midway through the filming of Season 1.  Nearly every weekend between now and the first of June is tied up with shooting the rest to the show

Ball #2:  Production:  After the paying work is complete on the weekdays, the remainder of the day and evening are tied up in the editing process.  Editing, uploading so Robbie can create his awesome score, re-editing to add in the score, re-uploading to get it ready for release.  Securing props, locations and sets for next weekend’s filming.  Then on to the next episode where we repeat the process.

Ball #3:  Promotions:  I mentioned that nearly every weekend is tied up filming?  The ones that are not are tied up with events.  We will be hitting the Sci-Fi Convention circuit this spring, and having a great time at it!  And in between all the rest, we are arranging radio interviews, submitting info for print coverage, and in general spreading the news of Shotgun Mythos to the world. 

And juggling 3 balls proficiently is pretty entertaining to watch, so let’s see what happens when we toss in another one…

Ball #4:  It is high time we got started writing Season 2! Midway through the shoot on Saturday, Clint had that EUREKA moment, and we knew where Season 2 was going to begin, and which characters we were going to make miserable in the process!  So Sunday I wrote the vlogs that bridge Season 1 and Season 2 and Clint just sent me over the first webisode of Season 2.  And while Season 1 is a dark and gritty crime story, Season 2 makes it look like sunshine and rainbows in someone’s happy place.  Yikes!

Oh, and just for good measure…let’s toss in one more…

Ball #5:  Casting:  A new season means new cast members, so somewhere in the middle here we will have to find the poor souls who will entrust their character’s lives to us! 

And all of this on top of juggling full time jobs and families.  So if you are considering launching a Web Series, know that it is one of the most fun and exciting endeavors in the world, but it takes tons of focus, dedication and persistence to keep all of the balls up in the air.  Hopefully someday (soon) we will be good enough at juggling all of this to make it look easy!!


  1. You should join "Juggling For world Peace":



  2. LOL. And what kind of crazy does it take to propose a new project on top of this? A padded room might be a great office for me!!

    1. Well all you have to do is make a video juggling and post it as a response video. Isn't World Peace worth at least that much effort?


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