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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Turning on a Dime

Did you ever have one of those days that just would not end....where you work all day and don't feel like anything was accomplished.  Where you are checking your email every 45 seconds hoping for some good news?  Checking your phone every two minutes to make sure that you had not missed "the Call."

That was me this Monday.  A lot of things were put into motion last week, and others had been in the works for some time. Now we were playing the waiting game.  It didn't help that I was caught up on all of the work from our paying clients and had no looming deadlines to distract me.  And it didn't help that after several days of working on a project, I realized that I was back to the drawing board.  But even Mondays can't last forever.  And while Monday gave me a dim outlook of the rest of the week, Tuesday started a turnaround.  We received news that our State Development Office is including a story about us in their materials that go our this month.  And we got news that we will be featured at Balticon 47.  This Sci-Fi convention takes place Memorial Day weekend in the DC/Baltimore area.  And is great news for us, because Shotgun Mythos will be featured Friday Night on the big screen!

Several other things are in the works...but a glowing review on YouTube for the newly posted Episode 6 seems to cement the upswing this week has taken.  

I am optimistic that the phrase "best episode to date" will continue to repeat itself as this series progresses. Thumbs way up for the entire cast who shine in an exceptional episode that is brimming with tension, excitement, action and crisp and award worthy editing by Clint Gaige. Robbie Whiplash's score continues to add a grand tone to it all.
**** out of ****

Doesn't get any better than that!!!


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