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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Building Relationships

Today is Valentines Day. Some of you are in relationships. How did you meet? Some of you are not in a relationship. How would you approach a new person? Would you walk up to them and ask them out on a date? Perhaps. But more likely, not. You would probably introduce yourself. You might say something witty or something contextually relevant.

So if you would not walk up to a stranger and ask them on a date, why would you ask them to watch your Web series? OK, its not exactly the same thing, but there is an important point here. Relationships are built on trust and trust develops slowly over time.

 Some of you may argue that we watch TV series produced by strangers. But do we? Each TV channel has a carefully crafted identity. We know what type of shows we can expect there. We already have a level of trust. New shows are often introduced by associating with past shows we might have watched on the channel. We often know cast members, writers producers etc. True, we do not have an intimate personal relationship with them, but we do have a pre-existing level of trust.

Yes, it is entirely possible that you can ask a total stranger to watch your Web series and they will do it. More often than not they will not. True you might post your video in a relevant community where you have not had a presence before and someone will watch it. More often than not they will not. True you may tweet your video at some famous celeb, or a random person, on Twitter and they might watch it. More often than not they will not.

 The point here is that relationships take time to develop. They begin with a moment and they grow slowly from there. Over time trust develops and you, your opinions and your creative endeavors begin to matter to the other person. That is when they will watch your Web series.

See this post on the community page: http://plus.google.com/101175516092771757092/posts/KX6cMc1mKC6


  1. A good example of this is the way Muriel interacts with +Tachyfin. The first time I saw her say she fed Tachyfin on the blog I was 2x more likely to watch her Web series (Pink Slip). Over time the interactions have continued and she has cleverly introduced a conversation that includes, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO her show. At this point I am probably 100x more likely to watch her videos simply because she has developed a relationship with Tachyfin and shown an awareness of the community she is in.

    You might think that it is hard winning people over one at a time like this but the reality is that one person becomes 10 and then 100 and then 1000. If that one person is drawn into, and fully engages with, your story World not only do you get a friend, you get an ambassador for your series and in the end things like that really count.

  2. Very very true. I'm definitely finding that out. It's partially frustrating, but equally wonderful. Getting to meet and build new relationships with a lot of cool people.

    1. Two of the people who collaborated in the LG15 Valentine's Day card shown in the post (2007) ended up married (and they lived on different continents) so yea the experience has its values.

    2. What a lovely thing to say...but mwaaah! I just had surgery and didn't send Tachyfin a Valentine's card.....mwaah! I hope you will forgive me Lonelyfish Tachyfin...I don't want you to be lonely and I was planning to take you out on a hot date to a place that serves fishtinis with olives.....cut out into little hearts....we'll have to do that next year..my fishy friend....I was going to wear my red fishtail dress...if that is okay with you...we'll do it next year. Kisses. Roses are red. Violets are blue...I love a fish and he loves me too.

    3. Tachyfin says: "Gulp"

      I think that means Tachy is excited about the date!

      Are there any aquatic restaurants?



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