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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Schedule and Episode Update

Well, it is official!  We are headed to three Sci-Fi Conventions in the Mid-Atlantic area this spring. 

RavenCon:  Richmond, VA April 5-7:  We will be doing a "Creating a Web Series" Workshop.  Series Creator/writer/director Clint Gaige, as well as co-writer Charley Bruce and actors Ray Remillard (Amadan), Marcus Lawrence (Joss) and Christine Lange (Avery) will be participating in this event. 

Sci-Fi Valley Con:  Altoona, PA  May 17-19:  We will be screening webisodes 1-6 t this one.  Clint, Christine and Marcus will be at this one as well as Lindsay Day (Kelly), Brandon Wheeler (Agathos), Zoe Gaige (Heather), Nate Nelson (Gryson) and Christopher Inlow (Thales).

Balticon:  Baltimore, MD  May 24-27:  We will be screening webisodes 1-6 on the big screen on Friday night, and doing the "Creating a Web Series" workshop on Saturday.  Clint, and Marcus as well as Nate Nelson, Christopher Inlow, Zoe Gaige and actor and composer, Robbie Whiplash will be joining us for this one.

We are very excited to be heading to these events, and if you happen to be in the area, we would love to meet you!

And by the way, it is Thursday, which means the latest episode is out.  As the Washburn and Associates crew come to terms with tragedy, Amadan tries to figure out how to work the situation to his advantage, and receives a vengeful visitor. 

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