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Friday, November 29, 2013

Fame: For Sale

In this investigative news special, correspondent Frank Elaridi goes behind the supply and demand of the social media industry. He interviews Sexy Sax Man, whose video has more than 21 million legitimate views and YouTube mega-producer Benny Fine, who explains how the YouTube industry operates.Celebrity ghost blogger Kinsey Schofield reveals the number of fake followers big stars have, and says her clients ask her to buy views. There is also commentary from Social Media professors at USC and a very revealing speakerphone interview with Vince, who runs a rogue agency that sells millions of fake Twitter followers to clients, who include Yolanda Foster and Paris Hilton. 

Executive Producers: Frank Elaridi, David Beebe. A David Beebe Projects production.

Contact: [email protected]



  1. Great expose on the legitmacy of likes on YouTube & twitter and how they can make or break a career.

  2. For someone who works hard to develop an audience, it pains me that people can spend money, that I don't have, to create a false audience.


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